How to use these help articles


We've tried to arrange this knowledge base as easy as possible but there are lots of questions that get asked so there are lots of articles.

Try searching, it's quick and it'll probably find your issue. If it doesn't have a look around the sections to see if the issue is described in another way

To narrow down where you need to look here's a quick guide below:

  • Getting started is for when you first get your Flirc, articles in this sections should cover the basics of getting your Flirc device working
  • The General section has questions and help articles when you want to know more detail about Flirc or there are problems getting you flirc working smoothly
    - Keypresses section for issues when you press buttons on the remote
    - Flirc Device section for more information about Flirc and it's capabilities
    - Remote Controls section contains information on using brands of remote with Flirc

  • Operating system section deals with issues using/programming Flirc on certain systems.
    Use this section if, for example, your flirc works on one device (e.g. mac) and not on another (e.g. raspberry Pi) or you can't program Flirc on a device.
  • Using software with Flirc section for if the app you are using with flirc isn't working as expected
  • Shipping, distribution etc for questions on obtaining a Flirc device


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