Flirc isn't sending the correct function to my device


It's likely that the wrong keyboard letter has been mapped to the remote button.

Below is an example on how to troubleshoot a keypress:

Scenario: When I press the mute button on my remote control it's not muting the sound in XBMC/Kodi.

Steps to troubleshoot:

  • Connect Flirc to your computer
  • Open up either an onscreen keyboard or a text editor:(Example of an onscreen keyboard on mac)
  • Press the button on your remote which isn't working and the computer should show the button being pressed on the onscreen keyboard, or if you are using a text editor it will type that key on screen:

    (This is an example of a remote control key being pressed and the text editor recording what flirc is sending to the computer)
  • In this example the letter "i" is being sent when I press mute on my remote
  • Check the software's keyboard shortcut guide, in this case kodi:
  • The guide says that "I" is mapped to "Info" function:

    F8 is the short key for "mute"
  • Delete the incorrectly mapped key
  • Then reprogram the correct key using the keyboard controller in the flirc gui



There can be other reasons for incorrectly mapped keys but this method helps narrow down the cause.


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