Using Command Line with Flirc


Currently the only benefit of using command line rather than the Flirc GUI app is:

  • Ability to delete indexes (this will be added to Flirc GUI in a future update)
  • Record API 

If you're unsure about using command line then it is probably best if you stick to using the Flirc GUI app.


Below is the help section of flirc_util which should help using Flirc via command line:


record_api 'arg1 arg2' arg1 is key-modifier
  arg2 is HID key


For example:

flirc_util record_api 136 4 '136' represents right cmd + left cmd
    '4' represents 'a' in HID


Key modifiers are defined in the IEEE HID Spec as follows:

Left control 1
Left shift 2
Left alt 4
Left CMD\Win 8
Right control 16
Right shift 32
Right Alt 64
Right CMD\Win 128


The record_api is a super advanced feature, and it's just going to go beyond someone who isn't comfortable reading the IEEE USB HID spec. We have no intentions of documenting that anymore than the help section of flirc_util (as described above)


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