Installing Flirc GUI on Linux (Debian)


This article outlines how to install Flirc GUI, this software is only required to program the Flirc device. Once it is programmed, the software isn't required.

Installing Flirc app
Add Flirc sources to “/etc/apt/sources.list “
if you have i386 you’ll need to add: “deb binary/”
if you have x64 you’ll need to add: “deb binary/”

Open the terminal app and type: “sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list” (this opens the file in Nano with root privileges).
You should end up with something like this (though it will change depending on what other repositories you have installed):

Posted Image

Scroll down to the bottom of the list using the arrow down key on your keyboard, then add a new line (in this example as the computer is x64, “deb binary/” is added).

Posted Image

Then press control+x.
Press “y” then return to save the changes. This should return you to the usual terminal command line.
Now type “sudo apt-get update“
This refreshes package manager to make sure it has the new flirc repository in it.
Then run “sudo apt-get install flirc”:
Press “y” to install the packages.

Posted Image

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  • Avatar
    Coert Smit

    Does this work for the Raspberry Pi ?

  • Avatar
    David Netherwood

    Then what?
    I followed the instructions above, rand the gui, and failed to connect to the dongle.
    I'm using linux-mint cinnamon, kernel 4.4.0-70

  • Avatar
    Jason A

    Please remove these instructions, they're out of date. This process doesn't work anymore. I'll post my suggested process in the HOWTO section.

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