"Universal Remote Control" brand remote controls


"Universal Remote Control" remotes will work with Flirc, it is a matter of programming a suitable device into the remote to be used with Flirc.

You will need to find the manual that came with your remote then, using this find a well known brand such as Sony or Panasonic and assign a device to your remote.

Program the code in then pair the keys using the Flirc GUI and it should work.


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    Andy Knott

    I tried a sony DVD player on the "AUX" of a 187017 universal remote (code 1617). Works well except play/pause buttons only work well in the Flirc config app, but very occasionally in KODI... e.g. push pause 3 or 4 times does nothing, push it again and it works. Tough to say if it is no-key or double key because 2x pause = nothing.
    Messed with different mapping play/pause to different buttons and adjusting inter-key delay.

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