Individual keypresses feel slow/laggy


If you're finding that it takes 1 - 2 seconds when you press a remote control button to something happening on screen.


Flirc doesn't introduce delays, so it can only be the remote control or the device being controlled (e.g. computer). You'll have to try and figure out what the cause is, a simple way of doing this:

  1. Try using a different remote control with flirc (a spare TV remote, a HiFi remote etc). If this solves the issue then it was the remote control.
    If you are using a "universal" or "programmable" remote control then it maybe a timing that can be changed when programming the remote. Consult your remote control manual or manufacturer for more information

  2. If different remote controls respond at the same rate as before, try moving flirc to another device or different computer. If this solves the issue then it is the device (or some software on the device that is causing it).
    If it is a computer issue, try reintroducing it onto the new computer and see if an application is causing the slowdown or it is system wide
    Please troubleshoot this issue with the device/software manufacturer.



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    Brett Bouet

    Why can't you make changes to the FLIRC with the "inter-key delay" function? This used to be an option.

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    Joe Holland

    I have a hard time with this. The only change I recently made to my FLIRC and Remote combo was updating the firmware, and suddenly there's a delay of about ~3 seconds between keypresses, and even holding down a button to 'scroll' takes significantly longer for it to scroll page by page.

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    Clayton Macleod

    Flirc doesn't introduce delays? Flirc doesn't seem to be very responsive to me. I have to make an effort to really hold down the key in order for it to recognize that it is being pressed. This is a remote model that I've used for many, many years. I know how it behaves. It is not sluggish. I just recently upgraded my home theatre PC since the old machine was getting on in years and becoming unreliable. This remote works great with it and is very responsible and behaves exactly how you would think a remote should. Get a new PC, get a Flirc to go with it, and the remote doesn't respond very well at all. If I go back to the other PC setup things work as normal. Try to use it with the new PC and Flirc, and it is SLUGGISH. Using the keyboard for input confirms the app (Kodi) is not responding in a sluggisn manner. Only when using the remote via Flirc is it sluggish. Clearly this is a problem with Flirc. It is sluggish and registers multiple key presses as a result of being so sluggish that you hold the button down longer than normally necessary. This system is aggravating. I think Flirc just sucks.

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