How to set up Flirc


To set up Flirc we have to program it to the remote control you want to use it with.
You will need to have the Flirc GUI installed, here are installation instructions.

In this example we will be using the "Minimalist" preset, open the Flirc GUI app and this should be the default view:

Connect your Flirc device and you should see this icon in the bottom right of the window:

Press “Go” and the app will ask you to press the button on your remote that you want assigned to the virtual button that it has highlighted at the time.
The app will display “Recorded Successfully” if the button is recorded successfully and has been saved to the device.

Alternatively you can click the a virtual button (e.g. up) or a combination (e.g. up & enter key) and program the virtual buttons you want one at a time.


There are other controllers to choose from, there is more information about them here

Once the Flirc device has been programmed the software is no longer required and can be uninstalled. 

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