Installing Flirc GUI on Windows


This article outlines how to install Flirc GUI, this software is only required to program the Flirc device. Once it is programmed, the software isn't required.

Installing Flirc app
First of all we need to install the Flirc app to program flirc. Download the Flirc installer (, double click to start the installer:

Posted Image

Follow the installer steps, the installer will install the drivers and enable us to be able to program Flirc, this may result in a security pop-up:

Posted Image

Click "install this driver software anyway" and continue.

Install the driver.

When the installer is complete plug in the Flirc device and Windows will complete the install of the driver:

Posted Image

After the driver has been installed you may need to restart the computer (you may be prompted to do this).
Installation is complete.

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