Flirc Not Present After Reboot


This is generally a bigger problem on embedded systems or small form factor PC's where the power supplies are generic or usb style plugs.

Many usb charger style power supplies are supplied by Chinese vendors that ignore regulations. These supplies are noisy, dangerous, and can not supply enough current.

For more technical and informative information, please check out the following articles

- iclarified risk in using counterfit adapters
- hackaday power supply teardown

As a seasoned electrical engineer, I can not stress enough the importance of buying a quality supply. The dangers in the above mentioned articles are in fact life threatening due to the high probability of causing fires.

Before submitting a help ticket, please try replacing your supply with one that provides more current, and is of higher quality. I will provide a list of approved power supplies in this article at a later time.

If problems still repeat, send an email to the support email address.

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