Ouya Key Repeats/Too Many Keys Sent

A common problem on the Ouya is when you are using your remote and more presses get sent to the device, almost as if you are holding the button down or pressed the remote button rapidly.

The reason for this is every operating system, including Ouya, has it's own way of determining how long you are holding the button down before initiating key repeats. In combination with the Ouya sensitivity and flirc's nature of trying to determine if you are rapidly pressing the button or holding the button down, we end up with an unpleasant result.

The fix is simple. Let's decrease the interkey delay expectation on flirc with the GUI.

First, make sure you are on the latest stable v2.0, see this thread here for upgrading.

Make sure you have the latest v1.0+ GUI installed. 

Head over to the advanced section of the GUI

Now lower the inter-key delay. Rather than trying the lowest, 0, experiment a bit. Too low might also cause user experience issues as well.

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