Double Key Presses


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Solving double key presses with harmony


What is "double key press"

In this case we'll start off with a description of the symptoms of double key presses:

For example: You press the down arrow once on your remote control and onscreen the selection moves down twice (rather than once)

This is an example of one press and flirc sending two.


Why is this happening

This happens because Flirc might actually think the user pressed two buttons because the infrared packets from the remote control are so far apart.

Increasing the interkey delay will tell flirc to wait longer before deciding the button was let go. 


How to fix it

Go to the advanced section of the GUI

Now, we will want to change the inter-key delay. If it's currently at zero, increase it. Increasing this value should help.

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    Daine Wright

    I had been looking for info and a fix on the double press issue. This is the susinct and helpful answer I needed.

  • Avatar

    Thanks, I appreciate it.

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    Aviram Moran

    I have the same issue. the problem is that when looking at my setting they were already at 5. I increased it to 6 but it did not help.

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    João Carlos Gonçalves
    Exactly the same here, Aviram. I have two remotes (one PC remote from ebay and one Sony vhs remote) and even with a delay of 7 I get multiple commands from one push. It seems that 7 is not enough.
  • Avatar

    Same here. I have Harmony Ultimate and I can't properly pause the video in any player. Will this ever be fixed?

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    Jay Cassano

    The inter-key delay setting is no longer in the Advanced menu. How can one fix this with on the latest firmware? I just received my Flirc.

  • Avatar
    Tim Campbell

    I have the same issue (two years later). Is there a solution in the latest version?

    Edited by Tim Campbell
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    Rowan Moore

    The menu item shown in the screenshots above aren't available in the latest version v3.27.7(running W11)
    How do we solve this problem?

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