Device Disconnects When Pressing Remote Button

The most common cause of this is due to a windows driver issue.

There are two identities on flirc. Interface 0 is the HID keyboard, and Interface 1 is what we use to talk to the device for dynamically mapping keys.

We don't want windows to assign a driver to Interface 0, this interface should use the standard USB HID Keyboard class driver and windows should auto detect this.

Interface 1 should use the libusbk driver, which is installed with the Flirc Setup Utility. If for any reason the interface 1 driver should fail to install, you can use the following sections described here: Manual Driver Installation

If a driver is accidentally assigned to Interface 0, please use the following method to remove this driver.

Step 1
Head to device manager. Locate libusbk and expand the list. You should see two devices, interface 0, and interface 1.

Step 2
Select Interface 0 and right click the device. Select uninstall and head to the next step

Step 3
A new window will pop-up, make sure "Delete the driver for this device" is selected

Step 4
Now select scan for hardware changes in device manager. This should auto-detect interface 0 and assign the appropriate driver. See the next picture

Step 5 (Optional Verification)
Expand the Keyboards list in device manager, you should now see two keyboards. Since there may be multiple "HID Keyboard Devices", you may need to try this for each device

Step 6 (Optional Verification Step-2)
A new window will pop-up, Find the device detail tab, select "Device Instance Path"

You will see the flirc vendor ID: VID_20A0 PID_0001 MI_00

20A0 = Flirc Vendor ID
0001 = Flirc Product ID
00 Interface 0

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