Every Second Key Press Doesn't Work


If you are experiencing a problem where every consecutive button press does not work, this can be solved easily. This is a feature in a particular remote which sends a different signal out every other press.

For example:

  • 1st press of the up arrow = up from flirc
  • 2nd press of the up arrow = no response
  • 3rd press of the up arrow = up from flirc
  • 4th press of the up arrow = no response

The Solution 1:
All you have to do is record every button twice. Flirc has plenty of space, so this shouldn't be an issue.

for example:
When you record the button, "up", record that button again.
The remote is sending a patternA when you press the button up, patternB when you press the same button, and then patternA again when you press the same button again.

This will be fixed more appropriately in a future firmware release.

The Solution 2:
If you are using a universal remote or a harmony, the second solution would be to use a different remote control profile. Try the flirc profile in harmony, or try a samsung / panasonic device.

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    Todd Woods

    How do you record every button twice? I seem to be just switching between the two codes being sent... Am I missing something? Kinda new to this..

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    Same Deal as previous user, how do you record every button twice?

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    Updated the text now, sorry about that

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    Todd Woods

    Ok so still having issue with this.. Firmware 3.6 GUI 1.3.6. I select KODI for the controllers drop down.. Press the "UP" key it has me record the key.. But every time I try and record it again.. It says "Button already exists. 'cancel' 'redo'

    But it never seems to let me record it "again" like every post say to do.
    Crazy unsure what to do.. Everyone seems to say "OHO just record it twice" Well I can't.... .. ...

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    Hi Jason,
    same problem as Todd, no twice record possibile cause of the warning "Button already exists. 'cancel' 'redo" and the problem "Every Second Key Press Doesn't Work".
    Please be so kind and give us an answer.
    Thank you very much

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    Hi again,
    I solved the problem by my self.
    For everyone who will have the problem in future:
    Just record the same button the 2nd time. klick on "redo" (following dialog), and do the same record again. After this, all will be fine. Every click on the button, you will have a respond now.
    Greetings Thomas

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