Flirc not working as expected with Raspberry Pi


You may be getting symptoms of erratic key presses, no response to key presses or sometimes not working other times it works fine. Or something else not listed here.

How to troubleshoot:
Try plugging Flirc into another device (e.g. desktop computer or laptop), then we can isolate the problem to the raspberry Pi.

If it doesn't work in another device:

  • If it doesn't work in that device after programming please contact us.

If it works in another device but not in the Raspberry Pi: 

  • Try using a different power supply. 99% of problems we encountered with Flirc + Raspberry Pi are resolved by using a better power supply (not all power supplies deliver the same quality of power)
  • Overclocked Raspberry Pi's can cause power issues with Flirc, try going back to normal clock speed and see if this helps (as well as a good power supply)
  • If it doesn't work in that device after programming please contact us.
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    Don Cribb

    This was the problem with my FLIRC on Raspberry Pi 4. I have an external 2Tb drive connected through USB port and normally I use a separately powered USB hub so the Raspberry Pi 4 is not powering the USB attachments. I had stopped using that USB hub when the problem began. I got erratic key presses every 30 seconds or so. After switching back to using the powered USB hub I had no problems ever again.. Thanks for your efforts in identifying the problem.

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