Long Key Presses

This is a commonly requested feature. This gives two functions to a single remote button. When shortly pressing the remote button, one key will be sent, but when pressing and holding that button, a different key will be sent.

I've gotten so many requests for this feature, this will be next to implement.

Stay tuned on the blog for an announcement of when a beta release will be ready. This section will be changed to a guide when that feature has been implemented.
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    Nick Wheals

    Hi. I'm new here, and I understand this is a one man show. I would like to see the guide to getting long key presses mapped. (My flirc arrived yesterday and I am keen to get started.)

    Great product so thank you for all the hard effort.

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    Any news on this? This seems to be THE feature EVERYONE awaits and no news since 2013/2014? :(

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    Can we please have an update?

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    Ken Olson

    Based on the following that is stated on the new USB product page, and not on the exiting model, I'm lead to believe that only the new model will support this feature once available?

    "Assign two functions to one button. Press the button for one function, hold down the button for the other function. Now possible with our new powerful arm processor."

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