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If you are experiencing random key presses, then this section will help you identify and fix that problem.

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    Craig Bloomfield

    I am experiencing constant fantom key. I just purchased device pluged it in programed it. and all keys are constantly being activated... so far device is now useless. there is no article in this link that defines a solution, and I have tried clearing configuration and erasing keys.. when I click erase it says key has already been ereased. when I try to reprogram a button it says no more space... I need a resolution please update this article regarding fantom keys thank you

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    Jason Kotzin

    Hey Craig, want to send me your configuration at support@flirc.tv?

    Make sure you are using the latest GUI release.

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    Jan Holst Jensen

    I just received my Flirc yesterday. I downloaded and installed the Windows Flirc GUI on my Windows 7 x64 laptop and attempted configuration. It produced phantom keypresses and it was impossible to configure - exactly like Craig Bloomfield describes.

    I then installed the GUI on an Ubuntu 10.04 laptop I have and attempted Flirc configuration on that laptop. It worked fine and I now have my RaspPi XBMC controlled by an old DVD remote :-). Well... some of the XBMC buttons do not map as expected - e.g. pressing "Mute" has no effect - but I can do everything I could with the XBMC remote smartphone app and more, so I am happy.

    It sounds like the phantom keys is an issue with the Windows drivers ?

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    After fiddling with Flirc for over 1hour and having exactly the above problem
    I found out that my Samsung S4 in the sam room was the root cause of the problem.
    Even if I switched it to "flight mode" flirc was spammed with "keylogs" from the S4.
    After switching my phone off I could program everything with ease.

    BTW: I never handled it to use my S4 with the integrated IR to work with Flirc.
    Now I know why: Because the phone itself is sending strange "chatter".

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