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Flirc works very well. In the latest version of the firmware, we added a default XBMC profile so as long as you are running that release, your flirc will work with the harmony without any additional pairing.

Using the XBMC harmony profile:
Make sure you are running the latest version of FLIRC GUI software 

  • Install Flirc software
  • Plug in Flirc and open the Flirc software - the software should automatically upgrade the Flirc firmware (if required)
  • Go to harmony software or myharmony.com and add a new device
    Manufacturer: Flirc
    Device: XBMC
    (If you're using the harmony software you'll have to choose the device "Media center PC")
    Depending on the Harmony remote model you may have to create an activity that uses the "XBMC Device"
  • Sync the settings
  • You should be good to go - you don't need to program buttons using the Flirc gui, we've done that for you.


To add further keys to the remote control see this article


Or alternately:

Use a TV profile

In Harmony software or the online utility choose from one of the two option below (best to choose a tv that isn't the same brand as the one you are using)


Manufacturer: Panasonic
Device: TC-P65VT30

Manufacturer: Samsung
Device: LN46C650L1F

Using the harmony software or myharmony.com, ensure all buttons have something assigned to them (e.g. the subtitle button may not have anything assigned to it for the panasonic device). If nothing is assigned to the button then the button won't be mappable using Flirc GUI as nothing is being sent when it is pressed.
Also, by default each button is assigned something different, when changing or adding buttons ensure the same action isn't assigned to different key, this will prevent "Button already exists" error when configuring Flirc through the GUI.

Sync the changes, quickly set up Flirc

Key repeat rate may not be desirable (i.e. when scrolling a list, flirc may not be responsive and continue to scroll a little longer than you want). This is something that is addressed in our custom harmony profile (as described at the start of this post)

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  • Avatar
    Jeff H

    I'd like to know what buttons are set up by default? I can't seem to find what you used for the "back" button.

  • Avatar
    Carl Adams

    So, is there anything I need to do if I did program a bunch of buttons before seeing this article? I started off by emulating a hauppauge, which isn't working so great. I'd like to start fresh.

  • Avatar
    Kent Calero

    Thank you for this, it's awesome!

    However, by default, the toggle fullscreen is sending a forward slash (/) instead of a backslash () to xbmc. Reprogramming the button in the flirc GUI fixes the problem.

  • Avatar

    I see in the new firmware, that doesnt exist anymore the profile "XBMC" but "Kodi".
    Should I use the name "Kodi" instead XBMC in Logitech Harmony Device Profile as well ?
    I mean, "Media Center / Flirc / Kodi" instead "Media Center / Flirc / XBMC" ?

  • Avatar
    Jason Kotzin

    @Ducapédia They are both the same. XBMC is now an alias to Kodi in the harmony software.

  • Avatar

    Thanks.. While I was waiting here.. I give a shot with "Kodi" and worked fine.
    Thanks again

  • Avatar

    Omg. Thank you so much for doing this! I'm using this with a Logitech Harmony 650, and so far it's working amazing. I have some hotkeys setup in autohotkey, and FLIRC can actually use these hotkeys with my remote. I'm thrilled with how this is working.

  • Avatar
    Chris S

    Has anyone else had an issue with the Harmony and the ContextMenu command not working? Everything else works perfectly when I programmed via Harmony app (Mac version), but even after trying to clear command and relearn it both on the Harmony app and the Flirc app, it won't seem to work. I'm not sure what command it is sending (it does do something). I've made sure that Flirc and Harmony app are updated to latest version. Any advice? Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Levente Benedek

    Hello Jason,

    My name is Levente from Hungary,

    i am having trouble setting up Flirc usb with Logitech Harmony Ultimate, to be precise with powering on and off, i cannot get it to work,

    can you please tell me how to do it properly??
    i am using My Harmony app,

    Frlic is installed in a HTPC running under win 10 64 bit, an the Flirc actual Firmware version is v3.8

    please help me as this is a nightmare for me,

    thank you in advance, regards,


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