Using the ZADIG Utility


Should installing the driver manually not work via this method here, please try using the zadig utility described below.

[Download Here]

Select All Devices

Open Up the Zadig Utility and make sure 'list all devices' are selected under options.

Find the Flirc Device (Interface 1) or the bootldr in the dropdown.  Also, make sure libusbK is selected in the list as shown by the yellow arrow.0

Same image as above demonstrating the bootloader


Install The Driver

Then click Install/Reinstall Driver

Optional (Verify Installation)

Flirc is now installed, you can double check Device manager.

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    Thanks This worked for my fric that wouldn't connect after previous update attempt. I'm now at v3.5. Wondering if I will have to do this for future updates?

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    Jason Kotzin

    It's just a windows problem. Once you've assigned the driver like this, you shouldn't have the problem again. My installer is supposed to do it, but for some reason, windows driver installation doesn't always work if the device isn't actually present at the time of installation (referring to the bootloader). I intend on improving this.

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